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Kat Graham gives the fanboys at Comic-Con something to fanasize about

07.25.2016by: No Cool Handle

It took a while for sci-fi fantasy to become legitimized by attracting not your every day, ordinary comic-collecting nerds, but by the finest examples of the opposite sex. The only time a "Holy F**k" hottie like Kat Graham used to show up to an event (wearing something like you see in the pictures below), it would not have the words Comic or Con anywhere in the description. The sanctified realm of geekdom has become a place where temptation moves through it unchecked; TVs hottest witch made this perfectly clear with her attention grabbing entrance to Entertainment Weekly's Comic-Con Bash. This is the kind of display that will send anyone who was on the fence in regards to Ms. Graham's glaring sex appeal toppling over. Once back on their feet, what will they find on the preferred side of said fence? A cornucopia of sexy features like: a pair of deliciously thick thighs, a perfectly rounded out ass, smooth skin, awesome curves and piercing eyes. Sci-fi fantasy indeed.

Source: Got Celeb


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