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Kat Graham gets into some freaky s*#t for Rogue Magazine

01.29.2016by: No Cool Handle

Here's a pictorial featuring the curvaceous Kat Graham that looks like something from the mind of Tarsem Singh. I was anticipating an image of Vincent D'Onofrio removing her intestines with a thorny spindle. While it's difficult to be stimulated rater than disturbed when experiencing the Avant-garde, seeing her fine self in some leather bondage get-up adds some much needed spice to the experimental recipe. I was on the fence about posting these. On one hand: I have an insatiable need for Kat Graham media. On the other hand: I'm not sure if I want to unintentional condone this kind of thing. People have made many attempts at merging sexuality with the bizarre (see the sex scene in Angel Heart), usually to no avail. But Ms. Graham feels uniquely suited to this roll of the dice brought to light by Rogue Magazine. It's not a total success; it's a decent effort at best, and a good excuse to look at her tits covered with metal, nipple knobs.

Source: Rogue


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