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Kat Graham and her unsupported chest deserve some attention

09.02.2016by: No Cool Handle

There's a fine line between mysterious and someone who's frustratingly difficult to get a good read on – Kat Graham is one of those hotties. Past behavior, provocative music videos (she's an aspiring pop star)and many a sexy photo shoots suggest this is a woman who embraces her sexuality. One would of thought TV's hottest witch would have dropped a high-yield sexy bomb on an unsuspecting public by now. Despite a starring role on one of the CW's longest running shows, THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, she's yet to become the indispensable hottie she deserves to be. Even a recent, implied nudity, photo shoot would have a blast radius large enough to increase her notoriety and broaden her appeal. I don't think these candid photos of her unsupported bosom will have quite the same effect, but for now, it's all we got.

Source: Got Celeb


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