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Kat Dennings shows off her 2 big girls as a French maid

01.15.2016by: Droz

It's possible that Kat Dennings is the only woman in the history of television who's tits are the sole means by which a show is kept afloat. 2 Broke Girls has been on for almost 5 years, if you can believe that. Despite the fact that it's one of the most unfunny shows ever made. Actually, it's probably a combination of huge tits and CBS not wanting to invest in something new to fill the show's Wednesday night slot. I'm sure there are still a few people tuning in to get a glimpse of Kat's boobs, so it all works out okay. Those folks got their wish the other night when Kat slipped into a French maid outfit and went around bending over and doing other things expressly intended to point out her crevasse-like cleavage. This status quo situation with Kat's titty show could be reaching its conclusion, with indications seeming to suggest that dismal programming cannot be completely saved by a nice rack. My hope is that someone finds a much better outlet for Kat to show off those girls of hers. Maybe one of those insanely sexy shows on a premium network where the nudity is almost constant. She'd fit right in there.

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