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Karrueche Tran went from eco-hottie to Poke-a-Hot-Ass this weekend

10.24.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Karrueche Tran is keeping her distance from her ex, Chris Brown, according to those who saw the two at the Maxim Halloween party this past weekend. Tran might also want to consider avoiding Christina Milian, who seemed to be making some displeased faces in the model's direction when the two were spotted leaving the restaurant Catch, although I guess it could also just be bad timing and that Chrissy is really staring at the paps who are invading their space. When questioned about Brown being at the same party, Tran told interviewers that she was unaware that he would be there (perhaps because someone - ANYONE - should have arrested and/or offed that piece of shit by now??) and that she was just looking to have a good time and hang out with her friends. Karrueche was also seen at the Environmental Media Association Awards, which give out fancy trinkets to those in the media who convey a conscientious message in movies, TV and advertising. So, woo. I wish I knew that she was doing something that would help set aside her reputation for being Brown's ex, but until she moves past roles in action B movies (or even tinier bits in great movies, like THE NICE GUYS), that crappy relationship choice will still linger in her reference.
Source: Hollywood Life


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