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Karlie Kloss was one tall drink of sparkly water on Cannes red carpet

05.15.2015by: Cherry Liquor
I'm beginning to see what Taylor sees in model bestie Karlie Kloss. Normally beautiful blonde models don't turn my head much anymore, there's too many of them and saturation is only good when it comes to certain, um, activities. But the opening night red carpet moment that Kloss had at Cannes has been looking closer. There's a natural ease to her prettiness here, as she takes on a decidedly different fashion choice (sure, it's clearly expensive and designer and nothing like any average person would wear but fewer women at Cannes are trying anything other than body hugging gowns - at least this is an interesting take on the pantsuit, albeit with half a pair of itty-bitty shorts under a long butt cape). If the constant snarky rumours about Kloss and Swift being more than just BFFs is true, I certainly wouldn't blame Taylor. Karlie is a choice choice. 
Source: Daily Mail


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