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Karlie Kloss is red, white & hot in Elle Spain

12.30.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I don't know if Karlie Kloss has a deeper relationship with Taylor Swift, as people have been suggesting for a number of years, but I sure do like the idea. It would certainly give Tay-Tay a bit more of crunch to her character, even if she was doing the hiding in the closet thing. In fact, if she's bisexual or homosexual, there's something charming about her hiding it not because she's ashamed or worried about how it would impact her income (don't say career, when you have as much dough as Swift, you could fart into a microphone and still call it a career) but because she really believes that no one needs to know about her life inside the bedroom. Let her roam around with Tom Hiddleston in public and we can just imagine her tangling long limbs with Karlie, who claimed she was taking a break from modeling but seems quite busy doing just that lately. Kloss is immensely charming to me, even if she's Swifty's little secret. Shit, if I keep on about this, I might as well start writing erotic lesbian fan fiction about the two of them. Maybe I can even get that crap turned into a lucrative book & movie gig. Not like it hasn't happened before.


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