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Karlie Kloss gets her sweat on in the new Adidas ad campaign

02.07.2017by: Cherry Liquor
What can I say, I like this Karlie Kloss chick. I know it first started out as a curiosity thing, what with people making comments about how close she was with Taylor Swift, all of these wink-wink, nudge-nudge, beard type comments and there is still a part of me who hopes that Swifty has a thing for the ladies, even if she's not willing to pay money to have them pretend to be her sweetheart (anyone else notice how Hiddleswift disappeared without anyone giving a crap?). I'm also thinking that if women want to appear to have a fuller bust when they're at the gym, they might want to consider getting an Adidas sports bra instead of a Victoria's Secret one because Karlie isn't the most blessed of gals but she looks bigger than usual in these pics. Then again, I also like Adidas because when SuperMarcey was visiting me a few years back, I took her Aussie butt shopping and hearing her accent say "Adidas" is still one of my favorite things.
Source: Daily Mail


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