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Karlie Kloss enjoys a cool drink after keeping that model figure in fine form

04.20.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I have a bit more respect for Karlie Kloss than some of the other supermodels of her generation, partly because she's been open about dialing back on her modeling in order to attend college and obtain a degree. There's so much focus on those in the spotlight not needing to go to school because they already earn a lot of money for staring blankly into a camera but with Kloss, you can tell there's something more behind those eyes than the others. The same goes for the fact that she's often pictured wearing little to no makeup when she's not on the job, including this stroll she was taking in New York after a session at the gym. Karlie obviously has one of those naturally tall and thin bodies that doesn't require athleticism but there's also something to be said about her choosing to be healthy rather than hide from the paps, smoke a pack a day, starve herself and indulge in certain drugs to keep her weight down instead. Plus, there's just something sexy about a chick who's a little bit sweaty. 
Source: InStyle


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