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Karlie Kloss donated some sideboob to the Naked Heart Foundation Gala

02.23.2017by: Cherry Liquor
I feel as if this is a bit of a cheat, seeing "Naked" in a headline and then Karlie Kloss's name attached to it. So it was nice of Karlie, the only possessor of a double-down K moniker who's worth anything, to show up in a mostly see-through lacy dress that was half a second away from being a wardrobe malfunction. The Naked Heart Foundation, started by Russian model Natalia Vodianova, raises money to help child welfare in Russia, where many children live in orphanages or children's homes even though they're not so much orphans as many are abandoned because they have physical or mental disabilities. The foundation aims to help these children be fostered or adopted and builds playgrounds for them where they can safely play, aiding in their mental well-being. Karlie and a number of her fellow Victoria's Secret models have been involved with Naked Heart for years now, proving that some people managed to be just as good looking on the inside as they are on the surface.
Source: Zimbio


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