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Karen Gillan's new fashion spread puts a crimp in her style

05.12.2017by: Droz

It's funny how the piece accompanying Karen Gillan's Alexa Magazine spread below speaks of her like no one ever heard of her before she was transformed into Nebula for GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. I guess if you're not geek-minded, like Alexa Magazine, you probably wouldn't know that much about Karen. I wouldn't call her exclusive to the geek-oriented entertainment market, but she's definitely a fixture there. It's proved to be lucrative market for Karen, so why not? I couldn't blame anyone for not recognizing Karen if all they had to go on was GotG. The transformation she undergoes to play Nebula is rather amazing. Not only is she totally different physically, but there's nary a single note of her Scottish accent in Nebula either. It's a total transformation.

Speaking of GotG, I have to confess not liking something about the sequel that could potentially make me look like an asshole (not that I care if I look that way or not). I gotta say it, I really didn't like a lot of the sentimentality in the movie. I'll try not spoil anything, but the big hug fest at the end just felt forced. I get it, they're supposed to be a family and all that, but the feels there didn't come together as naturally as they should have. You got multiple characters in this so-called love fest spending much of the movie trying to actually kill each other, yet at the end somehow everyone is all huggy and lovey. Not a believable shift. It takes a little more time and effort to go from "I'm gonna kill you" to "I always loved you." It does in my mind, anyway.

Source: Alexa Magazine


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