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Kara Del Toro works her magic for Megan Batson

01.04.2017by: No Cool Handle

At what point will Kara Del Toro move beyond the "paying her dues" phase and finally begin to ply her trade on the global stage? This hottie doesn't deserve to still be relying so heavily on her social media accounts for recognition. She should be on the cover of Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition (or at least featured), doing freelance lingerie modeling for Victoria's Secret, on the cover of Cosmopolitan and, God willing, baring it all for Lui Magazine. We shouldn't be able to visit a website that monitors the world's most beautiful women without coming across endless links, leading directly to daily batches of fresh, high-resolution, Kara Del Toro images. At least there are photographers like Megan Batson out there – professionals with impeccable taste in subjects – keeping an amazing specimen like Kara in work. I have but one question: why only one photo of Kara's ass in a thong? When SD cards can store hundreds of photos, there's just no excuse.

Source: Megan Bastson


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