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Kara Del Toro puts in some bikini modeling work

12.22.2016by: No Cool Handle

Kara Del Toro needs more love, full stop. Before everyone starts lining up to be the one that gives it to her, I'm talking about recognition; volunteering her for anything else, I think anyone would agree, would be unethical. I do my part, posting a number of sexy appearance made while attending events or, as in this set of images, plying her trade as a bikini model aficionado, but she doesn't appear to easily garner mass appeal the way other models of her ilk have. Charlotte McKinney got her start pushing burgers for Carl's Jr., just as Kara. And despite Kara being as desirable (perhaps more desirable... if... I may be so bold, sir) I see fewer people expressing their enthusiasm for her a weak social media game could be be partially to blame. I feel as if I'm missing something. After all, this is a woman of stellar good looks, who possesses the kind of lips, boobs, skin and waistline some females shell out good money to obtain. Hell, we all want Kara Del Toro's got... in one way or another.

Source: Hollywood Tuna


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