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Kara Del Toro put on a one women burlesque show at Power Rangers premiere

03.23.2017by: No Cool Handle

Kara Del Toro will show up at almost any movie premiere – both big and smal – she's invited to. We see more of her walking the red carpet than selling bikinis on the Internet. Wouldn't it be nice – and not beyond possibility – if there was a way this stunning brunette could make a living doing nothing more than showing up to big budget movie releases looking hot? It's not a bad way to get those uninterested in the POWER RANGERS movie to pay attention. She really outdid herself this time; that long, maroon dress could only be worn by hottie who's as comfortable with showing off her body Kara. Of course, with a body like that, why would anyone ever call their sex appeal into question? That ass, those legs and her pushed up bosom, all perfectly packaged and meticulously presented for maximum visual impact. Karen Del Toro creates the kind of stimulating spectacle even giant fighting robots can't match.

Source: NS4W


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