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Kara Del Toro never ceases to impress

04.18.2016by: No Cool Handle

Imagine your Jennifer Aniston or Julia Roberts; you show up to the premiere of your new movie MOTHER'S DAY dressed to the nines, eager to make a sexy, showstopping appearance. Everything's going as intended, the paparazzi are shouting all kinds of flattering compliments as they snap hundreds of photos making you feel great ... confident, even. Then some burger babe steps on the red carpet and blows you right out of the water. You have to be incredibly sexy to take world-renowned megastars like those two down a peg, and Karen Del Toro is just that – incredibly sexy. She's another in a line of young hotties who first gained notoriety by landing one of those Carl's Jr. burger ads, but that shouldn't suggest she's a mere flash in the pan. Take into consideration her unfailing ability to impress, add to that a willingness to always display a hardy amount of boobage, and you have a solid foundation to build a lengthy career on.

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