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Kara Del Toro keeps things tightly packed together

01.19.2017by: No Cool Handle

I love it when a woman's attendance to a premiere and the movies title create a bit of irony worth pointing out. Here's super hot social media babe Kara Del Toro attending a screening of THE SPACE BETWEEN US, every inch of her body packed so tightly into that form-hugging dress, it doesn't leave an iota of space between her mashed together boobs. Normally, with so much of her titty tops on display, I'd spend a sentence or two lauding her selection of gown, but Kara has a pair of the most beautiful, naturally shaped breasts you can find on the Internet. Personally, I'd rather see them hangin'; isn't that how God intended it to be? Not to be constricted by the whim of some sadistic designer. Nitpicking aside, Del Toro can always be counted on to provide us with plenty of ocular nourishment. Her caramel-colored skin, flawless face and perfect body provide the eyes with all the essential nutrients and vitamins they need.

Source: NS4W


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