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Kara Del Toro is all about the pink at Bad Moms premiere

07.28.2016by: No Cool Handle

Whenever Kara Del Toro makes an appearance, you best believe she's going to get noticed. With BAD MOMS, you have a comedy starring widely known hotties like Kristin Bell and Mila Kunis, who when seen in close proximity to a babe like Del Toro – someone well versed in making an arresting entrance –, get lost in a blur of soft focus, replaced with a sharpened foreground occupied by Kara's regal appearance. I wonder if a beauty with such an innate ability to upstage is a source of tension among the headliners? Although, Kristin Bell and Mila Kunis strike me as the kind of down-to-earth gals who would partake in drooling over the imposing model. The curves outlined in that pink dress bring to mind what a flesh and blood Jessica Rabbit might look like, and at the same time, invoking the kind of lustful desires no amount of line art possibly could.

Source: ns4w


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