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Kara Del Toro is a first round pick at Undrafted premiere

07.12.2016by: No Cool Handle

If there was actually some kind of Internet hottie draft, the harsh reality is: Kara Del Toro wouldn't be up until the 30th or 40th round; that's a generous guesstimate. There are so many fine celebrity females that would take precedence over (whom I consider to be) one of the sexiest, most undervalued models around – 100% natural. A hotter burger babe than Charlotte McKinney who looks better in lingerie than Elsa Hosk, and yet, is still relegated to the limited exposure of limited release movies like UNDRAFTED (directed by little Timmy from JURASSIC PARK, no less). Just take a look at the juxtaposition going on in these photos. The glitz and glamour of a jaw-dropping babe like Kara against the backdrop of an empty sidewalk, partly covered in artificial grass, masquerading as a red carpet. Undrafted indeed. Unceremonious, uneventful and unbecoming of an A-list model that continues to ride the C–list bench.

Source: ns4w


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