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Kara Del Toro in a silky mini dress is pure gold

09.20.2016by: No Cool Handle

The summer of 2016 hasn't seen never-ending pictures of famous hotties on the beach. Instead, we've seen more of our favorite celebrity babe's in skimpy attire dining at the Nice Guy restaurant. And while many would still prefer to be looking over Kara Del Toro's awesome body in a tiny two-piece, the dress she's wearing in the set of pics is perfect. By perfect, I mean, it has to be one of the smallest dresses I've ever seen. She's hardly wearing any clothes at all, just that little bit of gold fabric over bare breasts (since there's no way to prove she left her panties in the dresser drawer, we'll just have to assume that's true, as well). If you frequent this section you know I pretty much campaign for Kara, and despite my sincerest efforts, I feel I've been ineffective at closing the enthusiasm gap. For whatever reason, her popularity is stagnant. But you just wait – she's one explicit photo shoot away from a huge attention spike.

Source: HawtCeleb


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