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Kara Del Toro has good taste in sexy outfits

03.17.2017by: No Cool Handle

It may seem like a mindless endeavor on the surface, but a lot of thought goes into picking out an elaborate set of sexy clothing. Models are methodical when it comes to this shit. Time and energy is spent sorting through rack after rack of endless designer creations, in the hopes of finding something a total babe like Karen Del Toro knows is going to impress people. This little number she put together for an evening of fine dining and other hottie activities sure does give you the impression it was decided on after a lot careful deliberation – the opposite of a rush job. The bouncy bikini babe picked out the kind of gear guaranteed to make one hell of an impact; a pair of f**k me boots, booty shorts and a halter, all thrown together for our benefit; each article of clothing chosen to accentuate the normally focused on bits of her anatomy. It doesn't matter if you're into legs, midriff, ass or boobs, Karen Del Toro has every base covered. This is girl who knows what she's doing.

Source: NS4W


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