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Kara Del Toro excels at bikini modeling

02.03.2017by: No Cool Handle

Is 2017 the year of Karen Del Toro? This past January we've seen more of hot-ass pics of this former Carl Junior's burger babe than per usual. Swimsuit companies like Frankies Bikinis are finally figuring out what many who frequent this site already know: Kara excels at looking sexy in a two piece – she looks f**kin' hot in everything, really. But bikini bottoms cut high on the waste provide a more efficient means for checking out her ass. However, Even after years spent proving she has what it takes to be any clothing company front woman, Frankies Bikinis is still reluctant to build an entire marketing campaign around her like they just did with Bryana Holly. This means there will be no accompanying video to go along with the photos. That's a shame; this brunette is the perfect yin to the blonde Bryana Holly's yang. I feel when it comes time to promote their next line of beachwear, a collaboration is in order. Kara and Bryana going tit-to-tit would be a dirty dream come true.


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