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Kara Del Toro and her liberated chest will stimulate the senses

02.02.2016by: No Cool Handle

Most of all your sense of sight. The second I looked at Kara Del Toro attending 'The Choice' premiere in one of the sexiest dresses I've seen (or maybe it's the woman wearing it), I instantaneously fell in love. I quickly used that Google thing to learn a little more about this knockout. She's another Carl's Jr. TexMex chick with an ass as captivating as her perfect tits; the complete package; my new obsession. The deplorable things I would do just for an afternoon brunch with her cannot be spoken aloud. I don't want to bog you down with words - but how is it this stunner has not achieved the same amount of notoriety as Charlotte Mckinney? Sure the boobs aren't ass big - all that means is they won't be hanging to her belly button by the age of 35. Make sure you watch the companion video. She's the hard bodied, ass smacking volleyball babe with the kind of form that puts Mckinney's curves to shame.

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