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Kaley Cuoco's tight midriff game is still the one to beat

08.17.2016by: Cherry Liquor
As Droz boasted about yesterday, Elle Fanning is going to town showing off that taut little tummy of hers lately, now that she's a legal hottie with a mission to outhot the multitudes of others just like her. Still, it's important to give props to those who have come before. We've actually been seeing far less of Kaley Cuoco exiting yoga studios in her workout gear than in previous summers, which is a damn shame. Cuoco works out hard for that insane body of hers, the one that helps to distract that she's got a tad wonky of a face and an abysmal relationship record. The only thing more amazing than the shape on Kaley is the fact that her show, "The Big Bang Theory," will be starting its TENTH season this upcoming September. I never thought the show was going anywhere and now it's going to have a lifespan longer than "Seinfeld," and if it can eke out another year, longer than "Friends," two of the most watched sitcoms of all time. Those paychecks are well worth the investment, CBS.
Source: Celebuzz


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