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Kaley Cuoco's rack in red for the Instyle after party

01.11.2016by: No Cool Handle

I'm always underwhelmed by the big award shows, and yet, I usually endure the 3 plus hours of uneventful dross that almost always takes place. Its becoming harder to answer the most obvious of questions - why? Why so frivolously toss aside those precious hours when you can hop on the web and spend 5 minutes reading the results; forgoing the endless shtick each presenter feels obligated to engage in. If, like me, you watch it for the skin show, that too can now be more efficiently obtained by way of the web. Actually there's more to be had by taking this avenue.

Take a look-see at what Kaley Cuoco wore to the Instyle, Golden Globe after party; a revealing dress with the kind of red hue recommend by 4 out of 5 hookers. She went all out; by that I'm trying to simultaneously suggest she made an assertive effort to impress and she did it by letting it all hang out - particularly her big, fake boobs. I'll bet the after parties are where it really goes down. There you'll have the uninvited/not nominated celebrity females doing their damnedest to beat their recognized counterparts at the tit showing game. Is there a way to just get rid of the main event and cut straight to the after party?

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