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Kaley Cuoco's yoga pants look roomy enough for two

01.25.2017by: No Cool Handle

Some may wonder why anyone would choose to shed a bright light on Kaley Cuoco during a moment when she is looking rather homely. I happen to find celebrity women in their natural state appealing and here we find Kaley with her hair undone, not a dab of makeup applied and wearing clothes that look like they were pulled out of the hamper. These kind of images remind us of just how much work goes into making a hottie appear inhumanly beautiful. Beyond the team stylist and professional makeup artists, there's an approachable woman – that, in and of itself is, sexy. Even without all the preening, I still wouldn't mind occupying some territory in those baggy yoga pants of hers; there looks to be enough room for two people.

Source: NS4W


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