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Kaley Cuoco's curves do the singing at the Grammys

02.16.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I could give two shits about most of the people in attendance at the 2016 Grammys. All the recent music awards show do is make me feel old as f*ck for not caring about 95% of modern music, although nothing could make me feel embarrassed about appreciating the hell out of Kaley Cuoco's butt in the figure hugging silvery pantsuit she wore to the show. Kaley's sister Briana is the singer in the family (there's been the long running gag on "The Big Bang Theory" that Penny can't sing and my guess is that it's not too far from Kaley's reality either) but the Grammys are being held on CBS, the channel that pretty much owns Cuoco, so of course she's going to show up. It looks as if divorce is suiting the lovely blonde, who has been looking outstanding on red carpets lately. As for the rumours going around that she's hooking up again with co-star and ex-boyfriend Johnny Galecki? Well, if he's good enough for Penny to keep going back to, why not Kaley? (That time he was nude on stage showing off the other Big Bang might be playing a factor in rekindling a friends with benefits status, I'm guessing.)
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