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Kaley Cuoco's 19-year old tummy is the Throwback you need this Thursday

12.31.2015by: Cherry Liquor
Roll back the calendar 10 years and you'll find a lot has changed. We were still a year away from the first iPhone release. Ben Stiller was able to rustle NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM into the second highest grossing film of the year. We had yet to say goodbye to Tony Soprano and the family. Miley Cyrus had yet to grow into the tits she would be incapable of putting away. Kaley Cuoco hadn't yet become the millionaire she is today. In 2006, Cuoco was coming off her brief stint on "Charmed" and had yet to ink the deal placing her across the hall from her destiny. Today would have been the 2 year anniversary of Kaley's marriage to tennis player Ryan Sweeting (I still say hyphenating her name was the death knell for that union) if the two hadn't split over their differences. Instead of crying over the loss of what could have been for those former lovebirds, how about we marvel at the enduring awesomeness of Kaley's taut tummy, which she put on display in March of 2006 for a fashion show held at the Virgin record store, which became no more in January of 2008. Of course, Kaley didn't care. By then she was making the fat sitcom dollars that Ryan is now trying to bilk out of her.
Source: Got Celeb


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