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Kaley Cuoco put her big bangs on display at the 200th episode party

02.22.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Stan Lee certainly looked happy to be cuddling up to Kaley Cuoco this past Saturday night as the cast and crew and friends of "The Big Bang Theory" celebrated the show's 200th episode. Sure, there are plenty of you who hate the show and many who even hate Kaley for having one of the easiest jobs with the biggest payout but it is what it is, folks. I never thought "2 1/2 Men" deserved the airtime and money trucks that fueled the rampaging Charlie Sheen (and I consider myself a fan of the guy) but I was outnumbered, so I dealt with it by not watching the show and not bitching about it either. And really, how can you complain about Cuoco, who works hard for that famously fit body of hers while being a cool chick (albeit with horrible judgment in dudes)? The only person who should be crying in their cornflakes about the success of TBBT or Kaley is her former husband but even he's more interested in getting his hands on some of that moolah than writing diatribes on the interwebs about quality of content. 
Source: Daily Mail


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