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Kaley Cuoco is toned, sweaty & toweled

07.23.2015by: No Cool Handle

How many hours must you angle and arch to obtain abdominal integrity on par with Kaley Cuoco's midsection? Who cares? Just look at the hard bodied results as the prime time princess leaves the yoga studio she frequents. Think of all the atypical positions achievable with this lass of limber limbs. Ponder if she's using that towel to sop sweat, hide from paparazzi or practice Sharia law. Lastly, think of her amidst the great void, patiently waiting for you to give her the big bang. For all you evolutionary naysayers out there, you have to admit, it's more plausible than a female of this caliber dating a guy named Leonard Hofstadter.

Extra Tidbit: "Listen to this… Seven minute abs!" -Harland Williams (There's Something About Mary)
Source: Egotastic


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