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Kaley Cuoco got rid of her guy, but kept the booty

09.28.2015by: Droz

You may have heard about Kaley Cuoco's decision to end things with her tennis player husband Ryan Sweeting after roughly 20-months' worth of blessed union. Things like that can be emotionally traumatic, but clearly Kaley isn't letting whatever feelings she has about her split interfere with her equestrian pastime. I suppose now that she doesn't have a husband to ride, Kaley can at least make do with her pole-jumping steed.

This is yet another example of why famous people should just be content to screw one another without the commitment pretense. It's my opinion that marriage works best for people who are unlikely to find anyone else willing to have intimate contact with their genitalia. Kaley clearly isn't in that group. Besides all the salivating Hollywood douches ready to help her rebound, there are vast armies of geeks who would pawn all their mint condition Star Wars figures for a shot at Kaley's ample ass. You'd have to be Adonis with an Iron Man suit to keep anyone from noticing such temptations. But anyway, have at it boys. Just don't be surprised if you find spurs being ground into your side at some point in the act of coitus with Kaley.

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