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Kaley Cuoco gives the Alzheimer's Association an unforgettable show

03.10.2016by: No Cool Handle

When hotties use their tits for a good cause, well, that's a beautiful thing. Kaley Cuoco made the world a finer place last night with a sexy song & dance show for 24th annual Alzheimer's Association's, 'A Night at Sardi's.' She also did her part to raise awareness for such an organization among ignorant folks like yours truly. I've never heard of 'A Night at Sardi's' until this mouth-watering television mogul showed up to said event in a backless gown; serving up a heaping helping of cleavage. The sexy whirlwind tour Kaley's embarked on since her separation is nothing short of revolutionary, and it serves as a good reminder: you can't keep good hottie down. Who knows? - Ms. Cuoco could be the key to curing the debilitating disease by providing the world with searing images; powerful images, impossible to eradicate from the population's mind.

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