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Kaili Thorne is back in a bikini with the same stupendous results

06.26.2015by: Cherry Liquor

Oh, those Thorne sisters. Just yesterday we were checking out Dani's inkblot butt while remembering that the countdown to Bella's 18th is clicking away, with 104 more days to go. Now we're back to sister Kaili Thorne, who has been posing for the seemingly non-existent 138 Water (seriously, do any of you know where you can pick this stuff up?) with Ah-mazing and ah-mazing-er results. (And let us not forget that Kaili also makes it a habit to pose nude too.) As for whether we're going to get a chance to see any of the Thorne sisters other than Bella do some acting, that remains to be seen. Then again, seeing them in various states of undress is a great appetizer. 

Source: Saw First


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