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Just in time for Xmas, Katie Cassidy slips into a tiny lace bikini

12.14.2016by: Cherry Liquor
She may not have been born there or even raised there but it's beginning to seem as if Florida, or the city of Miami in particular, owe Katie Cassidy some tourism bucks. At the very least the sexy former star of The CW's Arrow should be doing ads for the place, seeing as how every time I turn around she's back in town and wearing another tiny bikini, flaunting her toned body. This time Katie was caught lounging with some dude named Matthew Rogers, who might just be her new squeeze, from the comfortable way she rested her head on his legs while they were soaking up some sun after frolicking in the Atlantic. Katie just finished up work on a couple of upcoming movies, including the crime rom-com, GRACE, which will follow a author with writer's block who gets wrapped up in some shenanigans when the kooky Grace (played by Cassidy) shows up to help him get through a book promotion.
Source: Daily Mail


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