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Just being caught leaving dinner, Emmy Rossum can still steal my heart

04.02.2015by: ResidentRiddle64

I know I've said all this before, but I do sometimes feel really bad about paparazzi annoying (and sometimes ruining) celebrities and their reputations. Not bad enough to refrain from posting pictures, mind you, but still I could still start a self-led strike where I wouldn't upload any pictures taken by paparazzi. The articles would probably be much more interesting, too. There are times like this, however, where I'm compelled to share just because she's so wonderful. Where seeing them in a ridiculously sexy photoshoot or on the red carpet would be fantastic, but seeing her just going to dinner with a friend shows me that she's a real life person who goes out to eat, too. A person who could maybe be wooed by my extreme charm. Probably not, but just seeing her in this cute little dress all smiley and not minding the dudes with cameras at all, I find myself falling in deep, deep love for her. I'm talking about none other than Emmy Rossum, of course. Very few celebs are as warm and welcoming as this gal is even in the face of paparazzi, so it demands a little attention, methinks. 


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