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Juno Temple dressed as princess cleavage for 'Vinyl' premiere

01.18.2016by: No Cool Handle

When HBO has a show coming out created by Terrence Winter ( the creator of Boardwalk Empire), executive produced by Martin Scorsese and starring Bobby Cannavale, you take notice. Actually, that's a recipe for instant, must-see TV. Sure the story of rock 'n roll in its prime has been done to death in movies and television, but if anyone can make this kind of thing seem crisp and new again, it's this corralled bit of supreme talent. Even if there wasn't that kind of pedigree associated with 'Vinyl', Juno Temple being a supporting character would then be my first reason to give the freshman season a go. The unsupported blonde and the premium cable station are a perfect fit. Everyone knows this little lass is more than game for showing every part that makes her a woman (see Killer Joe for full frontal goodness), and HBO has no problem blurring the lines between narrative driven shows and soft-core porn. It's no stretch to say we can all look forward to some gratuitous groupie banging, with Ms. Temple's uninhibited performance right in the thick of it; I just hope she leaves that stupid tiara off her head. Everything else she's wearing in these photos is the tits though – literally and figuratively.

Source: Got Celeb


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