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Juliette Lewis can still rock the underboob with the best of them

10.27.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I might be alone in this, but I love the wild beauty that Juliette Lewis has managed to cultivate over the years. From being an intense child actor to her years as a spitting, crotch-grabbing rock singer to the husky voiced presence she brings to acting projects she's been in in recent years, Lewis is always on my to-watch list. It's fun to watch someone who seems 100% genuine in a land of fake and fraudulent, all of these people trying to stop the aging process or rolling over and working within that unspoken cut-off that says they're no longer viable as a sexpot. In fact, the sexiest I ever found Juliette to be was as the masseuse in CATCH AND RELEASE (a truly horrible film that I wouldn't have watched if not for Lewis and my love, Timothy Olyphant), where she was faced with playing a mom character realistically. Now, I hate that some of the other acting work has made her play those mom roles more conventionally (she's a reality touchstone in the otherwise trippy NERVE, which was both good and bad only because I still see her as sublimely sexy), but you take what you can get, I suppose. At the 2016 Elle Women in Hollywood Awards, Lewis cleaned up and showed off her all-natural beauty, no plastic surgery, no Botox, no bullshit and it was wonderful. If only I could get Hollywood to see her like I do.
Source: Daily Mail


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