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Julieanna Goddard brings epic bikini thickness to Miami beaches

03.01.2017by: Droz

I happened upon Julieanna "YesJulz" Goddard on one of my frequent ass quests around social media. She's now become a regular stop on those continuing quest for the fine assed hotties. I still don't quite understand why she's famous, other than drawing people to her social media pages with frequent displays of her amazing curves. Occasionally you see her doing some DJ gigs, which nowadays is tantamount to bragging on one's masturbation skills. Whatever it is YesJulz does to be a famous, well off, world traveler, it's definitely our gain and The Amish's loss. I would think their old world lifestyle would put her childbearing hips to better use. We here in the modern world primarily use said hips to stretch out thong bikinis. That's not bad work, if you can get it.

Julieanna Goddard's ass

Julieanna Goddard bikini thong

Source: Hawt Celebs


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