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Julie Benz slays at the Monte Carlo Television Festival

06.16.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Even though I despised her on "Dexter," I still consider Julie Benz to be one of the best untapped resources on television, even if she can't seem to get a solid series off the ground. Benz has recently gotten added to the cast of "Hawaii 5-0," a show I can hardly believe is still on the air, aside from the fact that it's on CBS and the exact sorta thing that their aging demographic of stay-at-home, streaming-phobic older viewers seem to love. (I just checked and it's at 7 seasons. Shit, even with the occasionally humourous mugging that Scott Caan does, that shit gets real tired, real fast.) With that on her resume, it made sense that she'd show up for the 56th Annual Monte Carlo Television Festival where another CBS babe, Katharine McPhee was doing her sidebooby best to distract from her own show's lack of quality. Benz deserves better than she gets and I'd love to dare Hollywood to figure out something better to do with her. Hell, she's my third favorite thing out of Pennsylvania after the Flyers and Wawa coffee.
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