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Julie Benz and her buns support bands for beds

01.23.2013by: Cherry Liquor
It cracks me up how much I can like someone that I never would have predicted myself liking and loathe someone who looked tailor-made to go shopping for BFF pendants with. At least, this is the way that I view things when I look back upon the many seasons of "Dexter" and find myself charmed by Deb (the foul-mouthed in the best way, Jennifer Carpenter) and wanting to bash in the face of Rita (the whiny, needy, didn't she used to be scared of men because her husband beat on her character played by Julie Benz). I feel this way about my neighbor who lives in the apartment below me, who I assumed might be cool based on initial appraisal and has since proven to be nothing but a shrill, husband-bashing shrew. I like my other neighbors who live across from me in the upstairs and they have two kids under the age of 4. OK, so this really has nothing to do with Julie Benz, who appeared at Bethlehem Parents Primary School over the weekend to support some wacky "Bands for Beds" benefit.

Buh-buh-buh- damn. That's about a 1/4 of the annoying factor of the buh-buh-buh-bitch downstairs. Understand that as I am trying to write, she walks around squawking her head off, one of those women who wears a blu-tooth in her ear 24/7 but doesn't appear to have a job, and yet comes stomping up the stairs to holler at me if a can of Monster accidentally falls out of my fridge onto the floor. Again... nothing to do with Julie Benz. The last time I heard her cloven hooves slapping upward, I opened the door and squirted her with nearly an entire can of silly string, then feigned surprise and swore that I thought she was someone else. I think some got in her mouth. Still didn't shut her up, though.


Extra Tidbit: I think the next time she tries to come up here and shush me, I'm going to scream, "GET AWAY FROM ME BEFORE I F*CK YOUR HUSBAND!!!"
Source: Dexter Daily


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