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Julianne Hough wraps up her rock hard body with a little bow

03.10.2017by: Droz

It's an impressive thing to see just how tight Julianne Hough is. Speaking as someone who is anything but tight, I'm amazed by the almost mannequin-like firmness of her abs rippling just above her sexy leggings with the little bow action just above the camel toe. People who manage to devote enough of their lives to the pursuit of such tight bodies both perplex and fascinate me. Think about how much of her life Julianne has to devote to the pursuit of this body. How many hours out of her day does she spend? How many excruciatingly painful things does she have to inflict on herself? To me it sounds like a lot of investment for not a whole lot of return. Basically, her reward for denying herself delicious foods and a lot of free time is dudes like myself drooling over her rock hard everything and probably helping her feel good about herself. I might not see that as worth the trouble, but those sorts of rewards are clearly making Julianne happy. So who am I to judge?

Source: NSFW


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