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Julianne Hough will please when she bends with her knees

04.27.2016by: Droz

I can't comment much on the quality of what Julianne Hough does for a living. I'm told she's a good dancer, but I'd never know that. I'm not a dancer by any means. I don't even dance when I'm alone and that one really danceable song comes on the radio. It's an alien exercise to me. However, Julianne and I can communicate on other levels. Take her fondness for garments just as likely to fall off as they are to conceal, as demonstrated in these pics. She strikes me as kind of a wild one who wouldn't care all that much if her clothes did slide off for a second. I admire that in a gal. She's also mindful of protecting her vulnerable back muscles when lifting heavy Amazon boxes. It's important not to overwhelm the back. You'll miss having a fully functioning spine when it's gone. Julianne just wants to get the most out of her rock hard body for as long as she can. I fully understand. I feel the same way about her body.

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