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Julianne Hough was the abbed piper for a run in Los Angeles

07.11.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I think I've finally done the math and figured out why we keep seeing Julianne Hough coming and going from the gym all the time lately. At first I thought it might have to do with her upcoming wedding to hockey player Brooks Laich but I doubt she'd be so colorful and friendly with the paps if she was stressing her body fat level for that Vera Wang gown she's sure to wear. Nah, I figured it's got more to do with her new line of workout gear, something she refers to as Jules Athleisure which she created with MPG Sport. Hough's line seems to be a good competition with Kate Hudson's Fabletics line, with reasonable prices for cute stuff that chicks can go from stretching out in the gym to stretching out on the couch in. So when I see that Hough along with her (hasn't-convinced-me-he's-not-gay) brother Derek did a pop-up 2 mile run in Los Angeles from one gym to another, I'm certain that she cares less about her nuptial figure and more about the one in her bank account. Can't blame her and can't hate, she looks awesome and she deserves the attention for that hard-earned body of hers.
Source: Daily Mail


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