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Julianne Hough takes those insane abs to the gym again

07.07.2016by: Cherry Liquor

There really isn't anything new to say when it comes to the fine fitness regimen that dancer Julianne Hough keeps up. Sure, she was just seen chomping on churros during a trip to Disneyland with her fiancee, which might support her need to hit the gym, especially with her wedding looming on the horizon. What I think needs to happen is a meeting between Hough and Kaley Cuoco, our other favorite gym rat (granted, Kaley has more of a thing for yoga than general workouts). Hough manages to go in looking amazing, not wearing any makeup but still pulled together for her sweat sessions while Cuoco is often seen looking the hot mess while on her workout trips. Kaley also has a history of involving her Big Bang Theory castmates in dance flash mobs, so can you just imagine how great it would be to get these two lovelies to hoof it together?

Source: Daily Mail


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