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Julianne Hough puts that tummy back to work for a sportwear shoot

02.05.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I feel as if I'm one of the only people who didn't tune into last Sunday's "Grease Live!". Even the most macho of my guy friends were posting & tweeting & talking about the live performance that aired on Fox to an impressive 12+ million viewers. None of them were blaming the viewing on girlfriends or wives, although that might have been because Julianne Hough, who played the virginal Sandy, is just so much fun to look at. Hough isn't looking for any downtime, taking only a day to spend comforting castmate Vanessa Hudgens, whose fathered died from a long battle with cancer right before they were set to begin airing, before returning to work. These candids come from the set of a photoshoot for MPG Sport, a workout fashion line vying to steal some of those Kate Hudson Fabletics revenue dollars. That's something I'd love to see: Hough & Hudson, the two fit blondes with abs, duking it out over who can convince more American lardasses that they look good in pricey spandex. 
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