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Julianne Hough promotes her active wear by showing off her active abs

03.24.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Strangely enough, as striking as Julianne Hough can look when she's got her full battle makeup on, I actually think she looks cuter when she's not sporting the 50 layers of gunk. Sure, the black eyeliner really brings out those remarkable eyes of hers but anyone who has seen her hanging out in a bikini and not going the full 9 yards with the Spackle knows that she doesn't need it, aside from when the cameras are intentionally in play. I don't know if seeing her look this good is going to inspire me to either buy her MPG Activewear or even work out but damn, that is one amazing tummy Julianne's got on her. Dancers' bodies FTW. 
Source: Daily Mail


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