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Julianne Hough keeps the sexy dancing all in the family for Move Live

05.08.2017by: Cherry Liquor
I know, I shouldn't be thinking anything beyond Julianne Hough and her brother Derek being professional performers doing their dancing thing like a couple of straight edged pros but it still creeps me out to see him throw his sister about, especially with moves that result in her crotch breezing past his face. Call me weird, I just don't understand family members being that close. The siblings have taken this ongoing love affair on the road with a current tour of their Move Live thingy, where they've been seen popping up for fun runs and spin class specials, encouraging people to find their health goals through movement and that's awesome, to a degree. Not sure if I'm sold on them being the next Donnie & Marie with twinkle toes but I suppose the world could do with a little bit more rock n' roll and a little more country if it means getting to see Julianne shaking that fit tush of hers.
Source: Hawt Celebs


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