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Julianne Hough is the Hallmark of leggy blonde cuteness

09.17.2015by: Cherry Liquor
She is now an Emmy winner (for choreography) and engaged to a hockey player from the Washington Capitals (coulda picked a better team there, darling) but that isn't stopping Julianne Hough from promoting even more projects. Hough was in New York to help promote a new line of greeting cards from Hallmark during their annual Fashion Week and she couldn't have looked more charming with her blonde bob and flowery eyelet dress. She's been chatting about her engagement to Brooks Laich, including the discussion over her fiancee's eagerness to dance with his bride at their wedding. "He's always wanted to dance before he ever met me, so he's always asking me to teach him and I'm like, 'Ask Derek!" Julianne said, referring to her choreographer/dancer brother. "So I think Derek and Brooks might have a first dance. That would be interesting, and a sight to see for sure."
Source: People


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