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Julianne Hough is sexy to her core

03.13.2017by: No Cool Handle

It was just last Monday Julianne Hough provided us with what is arguably the best bikini moment of 2017, thus far; thanks in large part to her good friend Nina Dobrev tagging along for some R&R during a private tour of the Caribbean. I Suppose it would be unreasonable to hope for some candid photos of the two BFFs spotted together in equally skimpy workout gear. Not enough time has passed for another rare hottie event like that to occur, I just enjoy the thought of both Nina and Julianne folding their tight bodies like origami in close proximity to each other. Wish un-fulfillment aside, it was still a sexy solo outing for the hard-bodied blonde, meeting her weekly Core yoga class quota wearing nothing but a tiny pair of shorts and a sports bra … Yummy! Julianne Hough has one of the tastiest midriffs of any highly regarded hotttie, and with all the photos being released of her attending yoga class, it's no mystery as to how she keeps it in lean condition. Now, if only she'd ask her buddy Nina to tag along every once in a while.

Extra Tidbit: When I die, I want to come back as Julianne's towel
Source: superior pics


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