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Julianne Hough is just your average hot blonde Disneyland adventurer

07.01.2016by: Cherry Liquor
It's nice to see a star like Julianne Hough doing the typical All-American thing at Disneyland - stuffing her face with one of the park's famously tasty churros. Hough has been seen exiting a number of gyms in the Southern California area, putting that fabulously fit figure of hers on display for the paps lately, so it's good to see her relaxing with her hockey player fiancee and getting in some empty calories to boot. Since we all know that she works it off hard, this sets a far better example for those young girls that female celebrities are always talking about being a role model for. Healthy doesn't mean not eating (or being a chain smoker, something far too many hotties are still holding on to), just being active. I did think it was cute that Julianne was photographed trying to console a young rider who looked a bit scared, and also sitting in a water ride holding her shoes on her hands to avoid that afternoon wet squish. The fact that she's showing just how "normal" she is make me like her even more.
Source: TMZ


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