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Julianne Hough chooses a sexier less controversial costume this time around

11.02.2015by: No Cool Handle

Remember last year when Julianne Hough wore the notorious black face dressed as Crazy Eyes from Orange is the New Black? This year someone must have reminded her – at the last minute – about all of the Internet backlash; convincing her not to go as Lupita Nyong'o from 12 Years a Slave (she couldn't be more insensitive if she showed up as a Syrian refuge). Instead, she went for a sexier, less controversial costume: Patricia Arquette from True Romance. It turned out to be an excellent choice because she looks really hot in a short red dress with a generous amount of cleavage showing. What may have topped last year's stunner though, would be if she showed up as Patricia Arquette's character post James Gandolfini beat down scene. Or as Dennis Hopper's racist character – reciting how Sicilians have a history of interracial breeding; using the most offensive slurs possible. Is it mere coincidence her costume choices can be tied to something ethnically insensitive? I think the only way we could answer that question with certainty is if next year she shows up as Sam Jackson's character from Django Unchained.

Source: Got Celeb


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